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Apart from this, Ketu will also remain in the 7th house of Taurus in the early stages of the year which will be the cause of conflicts in your personal life. There are possibilities of ideological differences. But for unmarried people, sudden matchmaking will create situations of marriage. Click here to get a more detailed and personalised reading Click here to read your Gemini annual horoscope. According to the Love Horoscope , the new year can bring the chance of a great romance for you. Lord of the 4th house, considered to represent relationships According to Career Horoscope , this year is going to be very good for you in terms of career.

Business or job opportunities are going to be flowing for you The Finance Horoscope is indicating to you that your position in terms of money will be good this year. Very good chances of acquiring money are being crea According to family horoscope , the new year can be very good for your family life.

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The lord of your zodiac Mercury is in the 7th house with Jupiter, and th Gemini Horoscope Gemini Love Horoscope According to the Love Horoscope , the new year can bring the chance of a great romance for you. Read More. Gemini Career Horoscope According to Career Horoscope , this year is going to be very good for you in terms of career. Gemini Finance Horoscope The Finance Horoscope is indicating to you that your position in terms of money will be good this year.

A somewhat daring or bold decision made this week might propel you forward into a situation that has a few unknowns, but that keeps you engaged, learning, and gently challenged. If you can set your own working pace today, all the better, as very creative, spontaneous energy is with you. Energy for work or daily routines can be exceptionally dynamic, and you can use it positively by pouring your energy into your projects or health endeavors.

Click for Yearly Forecast Specials. Horoscope Overview for December for Gemini:. There is a strong focus on your relationships this month, dear Gemini. A Solar Eclipse occurs in your intimacy sector, and Jupiter moves in the same area of your solar chart for a stay of over a year. These events put a spotlight on your inner world and the often hidden dynamics in a close relationship. With Jupiter moving through your sector of joint finances, intimacy, and transformation, the year ahead is a power period on a financial level. Mind you, it's unlikely to be a year when you see big windfalls. In fact, you may feel the need to buckle down, too, since Saturn is also in this area of your chart.

It's a time to tackle existing debt, or to get a much-needed loan. Support from others is more possible than ever. Superficial connections won't do!

You get the opportunity to derive real satisfaction and enjoyment from your relationships this year. Expect a pursuit of pleasure that touches the soul.

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You could be released from a debt or dependency during this period. Alternatively, if you've kept to yourself and now need support in the form of loans or backing, this could be the time when you get what you need.

It's a time for sorting out your debt situation or your joint finances. You're determined to get a hold of your life, perhaps through tackling bad habits, addictions, or negative attitudes that may have been undermining your confidence--opportunities open to you to do so.

You're in great shape for deepened relationships or more joy in an intimate relationship, and a generally easier time attracting support--moral, economic, or otherwise. Your relationship with yourself or with a partner can grow as you understand your deeper needs more fully and embrace the more hidden elements of your nature. The Solar Eclipse on the 26th can get the ball rolling, but you may feel some of these effects before that date. The year ahead can be quite wonderful for your private life. Uranus moving through your "hidden" sector activates and excites your dream world and personal life.

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You may enjoy especially revealing dreams, and it may be that something you have kept under wraps comes out into the open quite unexpectedly. The good news is that it's likely to feel like a sweet release this month with Jupiter in harmony with Uranus.

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Since this aspect occurs close to a Solar Eclipse, this positive theme can extend into the New Year. There are exciting breakthroughs and insights into your own psychology, an intimate relationship, or a support system. The end of the year you will find it easier to blend finances and investing will be in the picture. It is only in late December that you will begin to see returns on your investments and begin to enter a period where you will attract money , especially money from sources other than yourself.

Months to watch are February and the months late in the year. You could persist and push to a point where you see a severing with your current work, either by firing, a leave of absence, downsizing, or outsourcing. It will be a blessing in disguise probably as you come to a greater sense of who you are in the world of work and may want to change radically what you do.

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Exercise caution in your decision as you may not want more public work, the more competitive work that will come with that decision. Relationships have been difficult in the past few years and brings you the energies conducive to forming expanding partnerships and relationships that are much more fulfilling and satisfying. Home affairs and love affairs will be a lesson to learn this year, especially until early summer.

After that, it is smoother sailing. You may even fall deeply in love and have deeper relationships, even with acquaintances, from late summer through the fall. Last year was the beginning of developing sensuality and intimacy.

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Early this year in you will have a great deal of personal energy. But like the other areas of your life, you feel restlessness and ill at ease with a major part of your life. But you will have a stable level of health. Wellness does need attention, but you will likely let it go. Is Aries lucky in ?