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It's amazing. There is, however, a subtle difference between living in la-la land and manifesting the destiny you know is within your grasp.

In you get to master this fascinating lesson. Jupiter, the planet of exuberance and faith, moved into his home sign of Sagittarius back on November 8, , and will remain here through December 2, This presents an incredible opportunity to believe in the possibilities of life in a way that you might not have in quite some time.

While Jupiter was touring Scorpio, there was an intensity to your pursuit of happiness that sometimes felt heavy.

Now that Jupiter is in Sagittarius, you look and feel lighter. In fact, you might notice that you're all smiles as the year begins. Jupiter will square Neptune on January 13, June 16, and September Neptune might lead you to be hopelessly unrealistic about a situation and that may, ultimately, lead to disappointment.

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When others can't fulfill your pedestal version of them and they remind you that they are only human after all, it can be quite disenchanting. The same might happen if you're working on a project that you have high hopes for. The effect may be to shoot you back to your emotional past just when you thought you had been propelled into the future.

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Use this valuable time to forge ahead on all pursuits requiring wonderful, deep and colourful imagination. You must realise that the present moment is an ideal one in which to put all regrets behind you for good.

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Developments that are due to come to light in a totally unexpected way could completely transform your appreciation of one special person. You may be pushed into reconsidering a whole series of emotional commitments.

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The one thing you can do without, though, are yet more personal complications. This is a splendid moment for a spot of extravagance. Or, at least, you may be closer to establishing what exactly it is that you want and why you are attracted to some people more than others.

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In spite of a series of challenging planetary aspects which denote uncertainty at home, you will be able to overcome any adverse consequences through the simple expedient of careful planning. Not until the dust has settled will you see just how fortunate you are. Read Government has revived National Population Register project. What is it? In the meantime, try and maintain good relationships with people who, after all, have always stood by you.